Sun, Scars and Skateboarding

It’s been a while since my season finished and man it’s been busy. Getting back into training in a big way has been awesome. It’s fair to say my body was a bit of a wreck by the season end so I’m loving having the time to get back into shape again.

I had the pleasure of going down to Manchester with Northern Freestyle and coaching some Ski Cross. I had better watch out… these kids are legit, fast learners and all round rippers!

Photo- Millie Wilkinson

I’ve been working hard with the Scottish Institute of Sport to figure out a solution to my ever troublesome shins. So far I think we are back on track.

There’s been a lot going on these last few months, usually summer goes by in a blur of training and mediocre Scottish weather but since Britain has been blessed with a heat wave, I’ve been loving every minute of it! Since April, I went to Val Thorens snowboarding…

Then on to Norway for 1 last 2012/2013 Ski Cross race…

And came away with some silverwear…

I cruised around on my skateboard…

And fell off…

Dyed my hair green…

Tried out some new Haglofs kit…

And did my first box rail…

Got loads more acupuncture…

Dreamed of the beach…

Caught up with friends…

Even best friends who live on the other side of the world…

Found some inspiration…

And got my butt to the gym…

Pam x

A whole lot of Thank Yous…

Rookie Season

As my first Ski Cross season comes to an end I look back at the winter. Filled with loads of highs, and some lows, I don’t remember learning so much as I did in 1 year.

I have to say a massive thank you to the incredible people who supported me, my sponsors who stood beside me and believed in me, and my family and friends who were always there.

The big guns who made my season possible. Huge love-


The amazing companies who bought me my race suit and allowed me to compete-

Clive Christian-

Check It-



The one rocking it on my over suit-


The guys who came on board and kitted me out with the sickest gear-




Go Pro-

The wonderful peeps who continuously support me-

Hero Energy-

Ion Body Armour-

Glacius Travel-

Imac Images-

Donald Macnaughton-


Solutions 4 Feet-


The Ladies Ski Club-

The guys who post my ramblings on their awesome sites-


Ski and Snowboard-

The man behind the design and care taker of my blog and website-


The guys who look after me-

Ally and Greg at Material-

The Enting Family for taking me in and being the best sponsors, supporters and friends,

AND to the other awesome people who donated to my donation page- much love!

Pam x

Sponsor my race suit!!!

Competing against the best in the world is hard enough, but when I don’t have the same equipment, it makes it so much harder.

I have been competing without a race suit. For anyone in a sport where speed is the biggest factor will know how much of a disadvantage that is.

The reason I can’t wear any of my Alpine suits is because Ski Cross suits have to be 2 pieces, they have to be carefully custom fit as they must be baggy in certain areas but then can be tight in others.

Currently I have contacted an awesome suit maker in France who will make me one exactly to my measurements and I’ll even be able to get it before xmas!

Here’s the problem, its pricey and I just don’t have the funds! Fortunately, I have an awesome sponsorship opportunity. In exchange for  helping me out with my race suit, anybody, person or company can have there name/ logo on my suit!

This is an important year for me, I have a lot to learn and big steps to make but if you want to help me out on my 2014 Olympic journey then get involved!!!

The price- My suit will cost € 550 = £445

Be my World Cup race suit sponsor and I’ll take you with me on every run I make! I am putting final designs and logos in to the makers by Thursday, so please spread the word!

Thanks for the support and will update you soon…

For further Sponsorship opportunities please contact me on

Thanks!!! x