Its all the rage these days…

Popping my blogging cherry!

Currently im sitting at my departure gate at Heathrow. 3 hours 52 mins since my flight got in from Glasgow, only another 2 hours 11 mins to go… i think iv exhausted the duty free. I now smell of a perfume counter. Poor Chemmy has to sit next to me. Speaking of whom, im just waiting for her to turn up. She called me saying she was in the middle of 101 things… Its incredible the things she gets done! Shes probably managed to fit in a gym sesh this morning before dropping Doug off and picking her brother up whilst having a coffee, texting and driving. Easy done for Chems!

Home was super fun for me this trip. There was such good times. Rona and her crazy ‘business’ vino lunch, Halloween dressing up, fireworks on bonfire night and Val and her mothering ways. The stress from the Fundraiser is over and my hip is getting better and better. Iv got testing coming up the nest few days in Calgary, theres still alot of things i cant do and the stuff i can im not 100% but im getting there… thats theĀ  main thing right? I have to remember that when im super disappointed at my test results.

For those of you who are reading this, dont worry i wont always post long winded essays. Ill try and keep it short and sweet with as many pics as i can take… Ill give you the inside scoop on what its like training with the amazing Canadian girls. I know its going to be awesome!!

Until next time…

Pam x