Hey There Stranger

This summer has been amazing, concentrating on the things in life that are truly important to me.

The opening scenes of this video are also special to me, 2 days before I filmed them I was in an accident. On my way to the gym a car didn’t see me and turned in to my path, the result of which was torn ligaments in my ankle, a fractured wrist, torn ligaments in my thumb and some hella nice road rash. This happened 1 week before heading on my first pre season ski camp. Devastating.

There were 2 ways I could look at it, spiral into depression over yet another injury and set back… or get back up, suck it up and count myself lucky it wasn’t worse. I chose the second. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my down days, especially finding out I have various complications with my healing and medical health support networks. On the other hand, I now have time to concentrate on my weaknesses in the gym, the things I somewhat neglect, the little things which will make me a stronger, more all round athlete.

For that I have Crossfit. I have to say a massive thanks to Crossfit Nultien (http://crossfitnultien.nl/). Igor, Daniel and my incredible trainer Lizz have graciously opened their doors to me and taught me so much about true fitness, technique, nutrition, community and self belief. I have spent the summer training along side some incredible athletes, people who have opened my eyes to what is possible. Jasper, Sandra and Auke, thanks for inspiring me everyday.

You may think this song choice is a little predictable, but it seemed appropriate giving the circumstances. If you have a keen eye you can spot me sporting double casts in certain shots, or hiding them with good lighting and baggy clothes. Recovery is well under way and I’m stoked to get back on my skis very soon.

Pam x