A whole lot of Thank Yous…

Rookie Season

As my first Ski Cross season comes to an end I look back at the winter. Filled with loads of highs, and some lows, I don’t remember learning so much as I did in 1 year.

I have to say a massive thank you to the incredible people who supported me, my sponsors who stood beside me and believed in me, and my family and friends who were always there.

The big guns who made my season possible. Huge love-

Eglove- http://www.eglove.co.uk/

The amazing companies who bought me my race suit and allowed me to compete-

Clive Christian- http://www.clive.com/en/

Check It- http://checkitgroup.co.uk/

Copps- http://www.coppsinc.ca/

Proskins- http://www.proskins.co/store/en/

The one rocking it on my over suit-

Rigbag- http://www.rigbag.com/

The guys who came on board and kitted me out with the sickest gear-

Oakley- http://uk.oakley.com/

Bawbags- http://www.bawbags.com/

Giro- http://madison.co.uk/

Go Pro- http://madison.co.uk/

The wonderful peeps who continuously support me-

Hero Energy- http://heroenergy.co.uk/

Ion Body Armour- http://www.ionbodyarmour.com/

Glacius Travel- http://www.glaciustravel.com/

Imac Images- http://imacimages.com/

Donald Macnaughton- http://www.donaldmacnaughton.co.uk/

9point9- http://www.9point9.co.uk/

Solutions 4 Feet- http://www.solutions4feet.co.uk/

Atomic- http://www.atomic.com/en-GB/

The Ladies Ski Club- http://www.ladiesskiclub.org/

The guys who post my ramblings on their awesome sites-

SnowVole- http://www.snowvole.com/

Ski and Snowboard- http://www.skiandsnowboard.co.uk/

The man behind the design and care taker of my blog and website-

G43- http://www.g43.co.uk/

The guys who look after me-

Ally and Greg at Material- http://www.materialmc.com/

The Enting Family for taking me in and being the best sponsors, supporters and friends,

AND to the other awesome people who donated to my donation page- much love!

Pam x