Sponsor my race suit!!!

Competing against the best in the world is hard enough, but when I don’t have the same equipment, it makes it so much harder.

I have been competing without a race suit. For anyone in a sport where speed is the biggest factor will know how much of a disadvantage that is.

The reason I can’t wear any of my Alpine suits is because Ski Cross suits have to be 2 pieces, they have to be carefully custom fit as they must be baggy in certain areas but then can be tight in others.

Currently I have contacted an awesome suit maker in France who will make me one exactly to my measurements and I’ll even be able to get it before xmas!

Here’s the problem, its pricey and I just don’t have the funds! Fortunately, I have an awesome sponsorship opportunity. In exchange for  helping me out with my race suit, anybody, person or company can have there name/ logo on my suit!

This is an important year for me, I have a lot to learn and big steps to make but if you want to help me out on my 2014 Olympic journey then get involved!!!

The price- My suit will cost € 550 = £445

Be my World Cup race suit sponsor and I’ll take you with me on every run I make! I am putting final designs and logos in to the makers by Thursday, so please spread the word!

Thanks for the support and will update you soon…

For further Sponsorship opportunities please contact me on www.pamelathorburn.com

Thanks!!! x