Back in the game…

You can imagine with it being a year since I was last on snow, I was like a ‘kid in a candy store’ excited. The trip to Alpe D’Huez and Montegenvre was organised by Zenith Holidays. There were 2 guys from ‘Heat’ magazine and ‘Heat World’, Dan and Stef. The boarders. Usually when you go on trips like this, you worry what the other people are going to be like… well these two were some of the funniest, talented guys I have ever met. Both completely different yet so similar, you would be lucky to get on a trip with these jokesters.

Anna is a gorgeous pint sized tv presenter featured on many shows like ‘Daybreak’ and ‘Nickelodean’ and also writes for ‘Ok’ mag and ‘Digital spy’. With her partner Mike being a cameraman, you could say they are pretty well suited. Lovely, genuine people, they complement each other perfectly. Mike by the way films everything from ‘Britain and Irelands next top model’ to ‘A league of there own’ (my personal favourite) and is THE camera man to know.

Jamie from ‘Fox Vincent Media’ is the guy who organised the whole trip. A PR marketing genius who has the most amazing hook ups. He knows everyone! He HATES losing, so he understands perfectly my career and is helping me loads with trying to get back to winning again!

Everything from the fun and very competent chalet staff, having to struggle with my diet of no wheat, gluten, or dairy to the owner Katie herself, was amazing. Great job Zenith!

I just want to say a massive thank you to you guys for helping me through my tough diet, training and 1st week back on skis. I couldn’t think of a better bunch to have been there. Also to all my friends, thanks for the continued support.

On to the vid…

Pam x