A glimpse of 2017…

So I have some catching up to do… I have to admit that everytime I think of Blogging I get stuck for words. Well it’s June 2017 and I finally got my words back!

2017 has been crazy eventful so far. I threw myself head first in to my 1st World Cup Ski Cross in Watles- Italy, after 3 surgeries and almost 2 years.

I kicked off the year shredding Montafon- Austria with 2 of the best! Freeride World Tour superstar- Sam Lee and Head Ski Freeride badass boss Zamir. I also got to use my brand new KORE skis. EPIC!

I was so so lucky that the amazing Czech Ski Team took me under their wing after being left on my own for the season when my teamie Liz blew her knee 🙁 HEAL UP FAST DUDE!

Big Love Niky and Safa!

Each World Cup was feeling better each day I was on my skis, I was feeling a little more like myself. Sadly we had really dangerous conditions in Feldberg- Germany, which was tough to accept such huge risk for no reward. The race was just simply, unfair and dangerous for everyone.







Heading up to beautiful Idre Fjall, Sweden turned out to be my favourite race trip of the winter. Jumping some of the biggest jumps of my life and absolutely loving the challenging, flowing course, I got such good feelings and love for the sport back. Almost forgetting I made such a rookie mistake in qualifying… and ended up dazed and confused, with a hell of a black eye.

In the midst of the competition madness I got to spend a few days in the 3 Valleys, France with an awesome crew. I stayed at the most incredible chalet with Powder N Shine in Reberty. Can’t recommend that place enough. I mean come on, I had a hot tub right outside my bedroom! It was a great few days hosted by Eglove. Loved the trip James, Fran, Steve and the guys, cheers!

Sunny Valley, Russia was the next stop on the tour and that track was wicked. After a pretty gnarly crash in training I was happy to walk away in 1 piece… mostly 😉 Staying with Reina of Team Japan, had loads of fun with these chicks.

The SIGB Ski Test in Kuhtai is one of my favourite trips of the year. Catching up with my so many friends in the British Ski Industry and testing next years skis for the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Magazine.

PIC- Adrian Myers

After that, coaching on the GBX camp in Torgon, Switzerland was an eye opener for me. I had such a great time with Jakey, Tom and a bunch of rad little rippers, I can’t wait to see how they progress in the future!

World Championships was my last race stop this season in Sierra Nevada, Spain. Unfortunately for us, the weather was so warm. Our conditions on track were bad, and the tour took a big hit with injuries in that one race. Including mine. I left Sierra on crutches, with a suspected ACL tear in my knee. I was heartbroken!

So we spent a couple of days at the beach in Malaga before heading back to reality…

Strapping my knee to the max, I managed one last trip back to Kuhtai, Austria with Ellis Brigham for next years Whitebook photoshoot. Even though my knee was a mess, I had a lot of pain and my skiing was less than pretty, I loved every second. The whole team was a dream to work with and I can’t wait to see what miracles our photographer Nadir worked with the photos! Again guys, thanks for having me.

So then came the end of the season and my time to get surgery on my knee. When I woke up I was beyond happy to hear that my ACL was still intact and my rehab would be significantly shorter. STOKED!

Back in Rotterdam, I’ve missed coaching these guys in the morning Crossfit workouts!

Going to the beach with friends..

And random boat trips…

Spending time with my crazy cats…

And finding awesome new Sponsors! Yahh Rocktape.

I’ve spent time back in Scotland visiting family and hanging with this one…

Oh… and my bro finally proposed to his better half! Family wedding HELLS YES!!

Congrats Scott and Linsey!

Much love and speak soon friends.

Pam x

Lets get this ball rolling…

Can you get writers block when you’re not actually a writer? Ok probably not, so i’m just going to dive straight back in to this big, bad, blogging world…

The last few months have flown by, I watched 2 of my favourite people get married on the most beautiful day

To wrap up the winter season, I spent a couple of weeks learning new skills on my BASI level 3 Technical and Teaching courses. I even got to sneak in a couple of pow turns

Leaving Austria, I arrived in Livigno, Italy, to spend my last days on skis with the Head Ski guys. Such a great crew

We were lucky enough to get to work with this awesome lot from Another Brother Sweden

Some exciting things in the pipeline!

In May, I was happy to be back in Scotland for the hen party of one of my oldest friends, the most beautiful bride to be – Lynn Sharp

St Andrews was an absolute blast…

especially the neon beach activities

Flying back to Rotterdam, I was happy to get home. I love this place…

And to get back in to Summer training…

With friends…

I’ve spent the whole of June coaching at Crossfit Nultien and i’m loving it. I owe these guys (and a lot who are not in the pictures) hugely for continuously supporting me on my crossfit coaching journey… It’s helping me grow as a person and an athlete

And I’m stoked to become an ambassador for FITSHE Recovery drinks!

Pam x

Hey There Stranger

This summer has been amazing, concentrating on the things in life that are truly important to me.

The opening scenes of this video are also special to me, 2 days before I filmed them I was in an accident. On my way to the gym a car didn’t see me and turned in to my path, the result of which was torn ligaments in my ankle, a fractured wrist, torn ligaments in my thumb and some hella nice road rash. This happened 1 week before heading on my first pre season ski camp. Devastating.

There were 2 ways I could look at it, spiral into depression over yet another injury and set back… or get back up, suck it up and count myself lucky it wasn’t worse. I chose the second. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my down days, especially finding out I have various complications with my healing and medical health support networks. On the other hand, I now have time to concentrate on my weaknesses in the gym, the things I somewhat neglect, the little things which will make me a stronger, more all round athlete.

For that I have Crossfit. I have to say a massive thanks to Crossfit Nultien (http://crossfitnultien.nl/). Igor, Daniel and my incredible trainer Lizz have graciously opened their doors to me and taught me so much about true fitness, technique, nutrition, community and self belief. I have spent the summer training along side some incredible athletes, people who have opened my eyes to what is possible. Jasper, Sandra and Auke, thanks for inspiring me everyday.

You may think this song choice is a little predictable, but it seemed appropriate giving the circumstances. If you have a keen eye you can spot me sporting double casts in certain shots, or hiding them with good lighting and baggy clothes. Recovery is well under way and I’m stoked to get back on my skis very soon.

Pam x